The story below is about an IndiGo pilot, Pradeep Krishnan, a small gesture of whose is soaring on several social platforms. The tale carries a tide of emotions and a cautionary sign which reads: “The story might leave you in tears of joy.” Before knowing what made Pradeep the new superhero online, let’s just thank Nagarjun Dwarakanath who caught these beautiful moments on his smartphone and shared it with millions of others on Facebook.

The video features this pilot who is paving the way through the passengers on the plane’s aisle to reach to his mother and grandmother so that he can seek their blessings just before he takes off the flight. What makes the story special is it is Pradeep’s grandmother’s and mother’s first flight who had vowed not to ever board a flight until he flies it. It took Pradeep almost six years to finally make his family aboard a flight that was bound to Singapore and took off from Chennai. Before we continue to tell what happened next, take a look:

Dreams come true , my roommate Pradeep Krishnan after getting a job at Indigo, flew his mother, grandmother and sister for the first time. Have come a long way from 2007 when we first started to fly. 11 years since we first flew as student pilots.

Posted by Nagarjun Dwarakanath on Saturday, 17 November 2018

As Pradeep finally makes it to his grandmother and mother, he bows down to seek their blessings. In exchange, he gets a sweet kiss on his forehead by grandma and pat on the head from both mom and grandmom. After seeking the blessings, Pradeep, the pilot instantly turns back to his cockpit assuring his family that they are in safer hands. 

The video didn’t last for more than four seconds but the love and blessings that the short video featured will definitely last forever giving an inspiration to millions. The video has already made its way to the hearts of millions Facebook users and is continuing to mesmerise others too.

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