A video that is doing round the internet shows how a jealous man urinates in rival’s soup. Yes! You read it right. A CCTV video from China’s Shangai show’s that a restaurant owner, spurned by jealousy urinated in his competitor’s soup. The CCTV footage revealed that on March 28 morning, owner of another Dongbei restaurant next door approached a pot of beef soup, took off the lid, and then dropped something inside from a container. The video is trending on the internet and getting viral on social media sites.

After few seconds, he pulls down his pants and urinates in the pot full of soup. Eventually, it is revealed that he had added some excrement in the first pot as well. When the restaurant owner found something fishy with the smell of soup, he examined the CCTV footage and was shocked after watching it. The video shows, a man who also owns restaurant do the unlawful act because of business jealousy.  

 The victim restaurant owner has filed a complaint against his neighbour for doing such act. The local police after investigation, said, “The man did what he did as he apparently was jealous of the success of the neighbouring restaurant, and urinating in the soup was his way of taking action. The entire act was caught on camera and well it did not make for a very pretty sight.” The video is trending on the internet and shared by many users.

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