A 12-year-old female kangaroo has died in a Chinese zoo as it was not hopping enough to amuse the spectators in February. The incident took place in Fuzhou Zoo, The New York Times reported, quoting Chinese media. Reports added that to make the kangaroo hop, someone picked up a rock and there it at her. It might be have been a brick or slab of concrete, Agence France-Presse wrote. By the time zookeepers rescued the kangaroo from the crowd, her foot was nearly severed, AFP reported.

The matter was made public this week when the images of injured kangaroo surfaced on the Chinese television stations. The kangaroo was admitted to a hospital where it succumbed to internal bleeding. “Some adults see the kangaroos sleeping and then pick up rocks to throw at them,” the Times quoted a zookeeper as saying. According to the employee, the spectators were initially prohibited from disturbing the animal; however, after clearing them away from the display area of rocks, they went to find kangaroos at a different place.

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The autopsy report revealed that one of the stones had ruptured the animal’s kidney, wrote a leading daily. The stoning did not end here as a few weeks after that, a five-year-old kangaroo was attacked by the visitors for the same reasons. The kangaroo got injured but survived. After the incident, the zoo is planning to install more security cameras. Zoo workers have stressed that it is against the rules attack the animals, but visitors keep doing it anyway. The zoo also plans to stuff and display the dead kangaroo – as a sort of memorial to whatever it might now symbolize, the report said. 

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