The festival of Bakrid is almost here and the sale of bakras aka goats are at all time high. While people are buying an animal and eagerly waiting for the festival to arrive, a man from Kanpur was left disheartened after his Rs 6-thousand worth goat turned into a dog. As per reports, the victim identified as Ashraf had gone to Kanpur’s Jujmau Chungi Mandi to sell off his three goats. However, the deal did not go as he had planned as he lost his goat to a dog. According to reports, the following incident took place on Monday after Ashraf had gone to the market to sell the goats.

As per reports, Ashraf had gone to the market with an aim to at least sell two goats. After strolling in the market for hours, suddenly a man came up to him and said that he had found one of his goats outside and handed back the goat to him. However, thinking that the man had helped him, the owner thanked god and moved ahead without even checking the goat.

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After moving a few miles, he heard some barking but could not locate any dog nearby. Later, he realised that he was conned by the man who he thought was an angel sent from heaven.

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Making darkness his ally, the conman gave him the rope of a dog and took away one of his goats. Realising that he was fooled in the dark, Ashraf rushed to a nearby police station and filed a complaint in this regard. When asked that how failed to recognise his goat, Ashraf said that it was dark and the dog’s face was also covered with cloth.

A report by One India suggests that the matter has been registered and investigations are underway.

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