On its Pink-themed website, Rent A Boyfriend (RABF) app claimed that in the past 48 hours its servers crashed due to the “hardcore” response evinced by people and they have become the No. 1 trending app on Google play store. The message also read that RABF’s “boyfriends” are working overtime to solve the problem.

Though dating apps are popular in India, the option of renting a boyfriend has raised the curiosity level among young and old alike. Who is Kaushal Prakash and wow RABF managed to get such overwhelming response?

Let’s meet the man and know about his mission…

The man behind the idea

Mumbai-based 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash is the brainchild of this unique app. On August 15, Kaushal offered RABF’s services in Mumbai and Pune in an attempt to give India freedom from mental illness by offering up boyfriends on rent.

Platonic love

Though the name appears to suggest a more sexual nature, Prakash has insisted that the reality is far from it, while speaking to a leading daily. There would be no sexual contact or even meetings (dates?) in private places, he was
quoted as saying. The app’s purpose is not so much romantic as it is to help people overcome their feelings of isolation. ‘Get freedom from sadness, depression, loneliness this Independence Day’, Rent a Boyfriend’s
Instagram boasts. According to Prakash, who has stated that he himself has suffered from depression, renting a companion can take you from mentally ill to cured in no time. Actual medical science be damned.
Sure, his methods are unconventional, his logic slightly unclear, give the man a chance people.

The wide range of services

Not only will Rent A Boyfriend allow people to choose from a roster of 65 gentleman between the ages of 20 and 25, though DNA also reports that there are a few 55-year-olds. The app promises men who not only rank as “A-grade models”, according to Prakash, but are also armed with the ability to provide emotional counselling to the people renting their services. There are three categories of boyfriends to rent from, all selected by the RABF team via online auditions: the celebrity boyfriends, who can be rented for Rs 3,000 per hour; the model boyfriends who can be rented for Rs 2,000; and the average, everyday men who can be rented for up to Rs 400 per hour.

Meet the Boy/ Friends?

If you are wondering who these celebrities are, please note that Suraj Dahiya, who bagged the Rubaru Audi Mr India title this year, is one of them. The good news is that Prakash, an interior designer, assures that the men who resister as boyfriends will undergo a background check for any past criminal record. The, erm, not-so-good news is that the minimum educational qualification required to land a gig is passing your 10th grade exams. But please don’t judge a potential (platonic) boyfriend by his degree. After all, RABF’s founder is just trying to help victims of depression overcome their struggles.

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