Kerala suffered the wrath of nature in the past couple of months with unrelenting rain flooding majority land of the state but the testing times are over and God’s own country is open again. In an attempt to boost the tourism industry of Kerala and revive its much-depleted economy, Samsonite India has taken an initiative through a beautifully made video.

In the video, various disciplines that come under the tourism industry have been covered. The video shows how hotels, restaurants, artists, transport services, etc are affected by the lack of tourists in the state. It also asserts how life will be pumped back into the idle industry once the influx of visitors starts again.

Since the natural calamity brought the disaster of a massive magnitude, there is a sense of fear and reluctance among potential tourists about visiting the state. Samsonite India’s initiative is spot on as it attempts to nullify the fear and tell all is well now in Kerala.

The video has become a huge hit on social media and is being liked and shared by thousands of users, including many prominent personalities.

Monsoons in Kerala usually drew a large number of tourists to the state, however, 2018 saw a sharp decline in the numbers. Many domestic and international tourists cancelled their holidays in Kerala as the south Indian state was submerged for more than a month.

Kerala’s economy heavily depends on its tourism industry and when the floods wreaked havoc on its territory, it was tourism that was at the receiving end of it. However, according to the latest report, 90 pecent of Kerala’s landmass has been rejuvenated and is ready to welcome tourists.

The report also says that over 70 significant tourist attractions across 14 districts in the state are open to host tourists once again. While the remaining 10 percent will be ready in less than a month’s time.

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