The ‘Kiki Challenge’, a life threatening jig that involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing to rap superstar Drake’s hit “In my feelings” seems to have got a desi winner. Even though police departments have warned people against trying the Kiki Challenge, people are coming up with innovative versions of the Kiki Challenge to grab attention on social media, like the 2 farmers who have blown away the competition.

Not only their version has gone viral, it has been called as “winner” by American TV show host Trevor Noah.

Not only, Noah, Indian actors and celebs are also sharing the desi way of doing this challenge. Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi also shared the video, calling it the safe way of doing the challenge in “desi style”.

The video, uploaded on the YouTube channel, “My village Show,” shows 30-second video wherein, 2 youngsters can be seen doing the challenge while ploughing the field with a pair of bullocks.

Here’s the video that’s keeping everyone on the tenterhooks.

The 2 farmers, Geela Anil Kumar (24) and Pilli Thirupathi (28), can be seen dancing with great passion while they plough the field with bullocks. The video has garnered more than 16 million views.

The 2 farmers are quite surprised by how their stardom has gone beyond their small village. They’ve never used the internet and have no clue about social media. It took some time explaining to them how we were suddenly so popular and why they were getting that many calls from friends and relatives,” Anil was quoted as saying by TOI.

Praising the desi style, actor, Oberoi tweeted, “The only #kikichallenge that I approve of! Desi style and completely safe!”

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