A 65-year-old Kerala man has won 3 lotteries in 3 consecutive years. RP Manoharan who is an ex-employee of Kerala Electricity Board has set a record for winning and bagging 3 lottery jackpots in 3 consecutive years on Friday.  He clinched the 1st price of Rs 70 lakh in Nirmal Lottery, which is managed by Kerala government. The 1st time he won the lottery in August 2016 and claimed the prize of Rs 65 lakh in Pournami lottery. The 2nd time he won he got lucky in November 2017, when he won Rs 70 lakh in the Nirmal lottery and now for the 3rd time in April 2018 when he claimed the cash prize of Rs 70 lakh.

The ex-employee himself admitted that he cannot believe that he is so lucky to win 3 jackpots. “The first time I won a lottery was in August 2016. It was the Pournami lottery and I got the first prize of Rs 65 lakh. Earlier I had won very small amounts, not this big.” “People used to say that I was lucky and they would ask me to choose a ticket for them. They thought that the lottery ticket I chose might get a prize,” said Manoharan.

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The localites are now calling him as the luckiest person in the state and ask him to select their lottery tickets also. However, Manoharan is not so sold. He believes that he wins prizes because he has been a regular buyer of lottery tickets – a habit that has cost him dearly in the past. “I started buying lottery tickets since 2009, soon after my retirement. In some months, I spent even Rs 5000 buying lotteries. So sometimes, after calculating the amount I spent in a year to buy lottery tickets, I’d get depressed. These jackpot hits are a solace to me, but I’m not so excited,” he says.

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