A shocking video of an owner of a roadside eatery throwing hot oil at a customer for complaining about the food has emerged on social media. The video which was reportedly caught by the CCTV cameras installed in the area is from Maharastra’s Ulhasnagar. Two people have been arrested in the case reports news agency ANI. In the video, the customer can be seen engaging in a verbal spat with the vendor over the food items and tries to throw something towards the owner, reacting to which the vendor responds with splashing hot oil towards the customer.

The 43 seconds video was released by ANI on twitter which shows the owner of the eatery throwing hot oil towards the customer unaffected by the present crowd as no one tries to interfere. The owner throws hot oil towards the customer and then follows him while he rushes away and throws oil at him again. The owner appears to be enraged by the customer’s behaviour as he targets him. It is still unclear whether the customer or any other person presents at the spot sustained burn injuries due to the owner’s evil act.

Here is the video:

As per reports, the police have arrested the vendor, but they have also received a counter-complaint which has been filed by the shop owner alleging that the concerned customer had vandalised his shop. The video, however, is yet another example of insensitivity prone behaviour taking over the country as this aggressive could have not only affected the customer but also several others passing by.