Pizza viral story: In a heartwarming incident, a pizza outlet that usually does not make home deliveries, made a very poignant gesture by delivering pizza to a terminally-ill man in Indianapolis, the U.S. It was in the middle of the night when Michigan-based Steve’s Pizza manager named Dalton Shaffer delivered pizza at a couple’s place in Indianapolis, which is almost 3 hours away from Michigan. The kind act by the manager is going viral on social media.

The beautiful news came to light when the ailing man’s wife Julie Morgan expressed gratitude to the pizza outlet in a Facebook post, where she wrote, that the couple never found a better pizza like Steve’s pizza. The couple wanted to go back to the pizza outlet for its yumminess but had to rush to the hospital, where they got to know that husband Rich Morgan is suffering from cancer.

Dishearted by the news, Julie’s father reached out to Steve’s pizza and requested if someone could send a friendly message or card, but the manager of the pizzeria asked about his Robert’s favourite pizza and delivered it to the couple at 2:30 am in the night just before closing the store.

Sometimes a slice of pizza is more than it appears to be! Read on for the story of an epic pizza delivery and the…

Posted by Julie Morgan on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

In a poignant post, Julie wrote on Facebook that the manager left 2 special pizzas at her residence. The manager told her father that the pizzeria was in deep prayers for the ailing man.

He further added that her father offered him to stay for a night in a hotel, but he refused and left for Michigan. So far her Facebook post has garnered much attention as it has been shared by 300 people, media reports said. 

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