A Mumbai based man wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his prior permission. Raphel Samuel is a 27-year-old guy and calls himself as an anti-natalist person on the social media platform, Facebook. He has posted a video on YouTube to explain the reason behind suing his parents. One of the pictures shared by Raphel Samuel on Facebook has a caption which says that the root of all evil is procreation and one should stop having babies.

The people who believe that it is morally wrong to reproduce are known as anti-natalists. Anti-natalists work on an agenda to stop the people from procreating and having babies.

In a widely spread YouTube video on a channel named Nihil Anand, Raphel Samuel can be seen explaining his part that why he wants to sue his parents. He is using a fake beard and sunglasses in the video. He said in the video that every individual in India and the globe needs to realize the fact that they are born without any consent. He added that people do not owe anything to their parents.

In the latest interview Samuel has said that procreation is one of the most selfish acts on earth, If People will ask anyone why they wanted to have a child, the answer will be an illogical one like they wanted to have a baby or maybe for their parent’s sake. According to his ideology, introducing a child in a world which is full of suffering and hardships is wrong.

Here’s the video of Raphel explaining his anti-natal stand: 


4 responses to “Mumbai man to sue parents for giving birth to him, says he didn’t consent to being born”

    • “His worth like all Indians – is to clean toilets !” Are you mentally challenged or come from some poor uneducated background/parents???

  1. So is the incredibly bad, fake beard part of his act? What is the purpose of wearing such a cheap prop? Is he actually so ashamed of his own beliefs he seeks to hide his real appearance or is it that he is known to be a fraud and if he actually showed his face his con would be revealed for all to see? 😉

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