On Friday, Mumbai police fulfilled the dream of a 7-year-old cancer patient, Arpit Mandal who wanted to become a police inspector. Mumbai police won many hearts by the fulfilling the dream of small eyes and gave him a bit of happiness. Arpit Mandal aspired to become the police inspector and today Mumbai police made him Police inspector for 1 day.  Arpit was given of the charge of Mulund police station for a day. The social media team of the Mumbai police shared the pictures of a young boy on Twitter and praised his spirit and dream to become the police inspector.

In a tweet, Mumbai police shared pictures of a young boy sitting on the chair of in-charge surrounded by other police officers. Mumbai police tweet reads, “Mulund Police Station was completely won over by the undaunted spirit of 7-year-old Arpit Mandal, fighting cancer! If we could, we would fulfill all his wishes beyond just being a Police inspector for a day #ProtectingSmiles @MakeAWishIndia.” In the photos, Arpit is holding the chair and wearing the uniform of a police inspector. This act from Mumbai police won many hearts as they fulfilled the dream of a 7-year-old cancer patient.        

Twitterati also applauded this act from Mumbai police and hundreds of people retweeted it. Here are some top comments from the twitter user:

“Mumbai Police u proved even u have a soft lovable heart. Great job”
“Salute to the spirit”

“That’s really a sweet guesture”

“A great job you guys had done that you made him smile….#KeepSmiling  #Makeotherssmile”    

“Congratulations to Mulund, Mumbai Police for making a 7 yrs old Cancer patient as in charge of the police station to fulfil his wishs. We pray and wishes almighty for the speedy recovery of the boy.”

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