In an amusing incident from Mumbai, a man who had arrived at Sakinaka police station to lodge an FIR, was welcomed with a surprise, as the police officers there ordered a birthday cake for him after getting the information from his Twitter profile. Mumbai police is known for being digitally active after a series of incidents, where they have managed to curb crimes and avail solutions to the common people via their twitter page.

This time they have managed to bring a smile on a complainant’s face who unfortunately had to visit the police station on his birthday. Amid incidents of posting tweets on serious issues, this heartwarming incident proved these cops have a heart of gold.

The story of Mumbai Police’s humanity went viral some 12 hours after they posted a tweet with 2 pictures of the celebration and the cops feeding cake to the ‘birthday boy.’ “When personal details in the FIR revealed it’s complainant Anish’s birthday, a Cake followed the FIR Copy at Sakinaka Pstn,” says the tweet.

Since the post was tweeted, people poured in their likes and comments on the unusually overwhelming act by the ‘tough guys,’ as the tweet collected thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets. Several people have shared their thoughts on the tweet and some even called the little celebration a wonderful gesture.


The Mumbai Police department has broken all stereotypes since a while now, as they channeled their power through the social media to help people by joining Twitter towards the end of 2015. Their smart and witty one-liners have made them social media stars across the country and the graphics that they use are just an icing on the cake.