Norwegian fisherman catches dinosaur-like fish: Some moments became once in a lifetime and that’s what happened with a Norwegian fisherman while he was fishing in blue halibut off the coast. The Fisherman, Oscar Lundahl, came across with a strangely dinosaur-like creature which left him totally flabbergasted yet amazed at the same time.

Lundahl, 19, instantly captured the rarest moment with the fish as he also never came across with such creature. By the photo, it can be clearly seen that fish has a bulbous eye which truly makes it look like an alien. Social media was flooded with unique names for the fish, some describe it as a ‘head of lion and tail of a dragon’ while some called it a prehistoric creature.

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Lundahl in his interview said, he placed 4 hooks for the rarest species name halibut, but soon he found something big at the end of the hook which took his 30 minutes to pull that out because it was 2,600 feet deep in the ocean. Lundahl instantly recognized that the fish is halibut and on that day he caught 2 halibut.

Check the photo here:

Norwegian fisherman catches dinosaur-like fish, says despite its ugly appearance, it was really tasty

Fisherman also added that it was an amazing moment for him as he caught 2 halibut fish which he didn’t expected. Lundahl added, it was a weird dinosaur looking fish. However, studies say that it was a ratfish from shark category that was lives in deep oceans from 300 million years.

Lundahl happily took that fish to his home and cooked it, he describe its taste as ‘despite it was ugly but it tasted delicious just like codfish’. No doubt that was a lifetime catch.


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