Not washing your socks properly especially if you have smelly feet can give you some troublesome time and can also land you at the police station. To top all this, you can be booked for creating public nuisance with your ‘feet’. A bizarre incident was reported when Prakash Kumar, a 27-year-old man boarded a bus from Delhi that was headed to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The youth decided to relax on his journey and take off his shoes and socks. Prima facie it seems that Prakash Kumar was wearing unwashed socks and had smelly feet. As soon as he removed his shoes and socks the entire bus started stinking.

It did not take much time for the fellow passengers to realise that the obnoxious smell was coming from the smelly feet of the 27-year-old. The passenger countered the youth and asked him to do something about his smelly feet but the request fell on deaf ears. What happened next will blow your mind. The passenger got into a verbal quarrel with Prakash but he did not do anything about his feet. The people onboard then forced the bus driver to pull over the vehicle at the nearest police station.

The passengers got down from the bus and registered a complaint against the youth with smelly feet. The accused however claimed that the passengers were ganging up against him for no reason. Police after receiving the complaint from the fellow passengers booked the youth for creating public nuisance. Later the youth was granted bail and was released from the police custody. He, however, said that his socks were not stinky and he was troubled for no reason.

The incident teaches us to wear clean socks and avoid inconvenience to ourselves and fellow passengers while travelling. Therefore do your laundry on regular basis and avoid getting into trouble because of dirty and stinky clothes.

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