In a shocking and unusual incident, a common Indian Cobra was seen regurgitating onions from its mouth which it had swallowed in the state of Odisha. The incident has been reportedly taken place inside the house of a village resident, Susanta Beheraat at Chendipada village in Angul district, where the snake was found.

A video of the incident has been captured by some person which shows the snake throwing up the onions after villagers called the Snake Helpline volunteer Himanshu Sekhar Dehury for rescuing the Indian cobra. Talking about the incident, Dehury said that he was stunned to see that the cobra regurgitate onions.

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He said that even before he could investigate what was going on with the snake it started puking the throwing up the onions. And since he thought that the incident was unusual, he asked his friend to shoot the video of the snake regurgitated out the onions from its mouth.

General Secretary of Snake Helpline Subhendu Mallik also told the media that cobras at times swallow stuff other than meat even though they are carnivorous by nature and it happens due to snakes’ judgmental error.   If a snake finds the smell of rats or any other of its prey on other foodstuffs it attacks that thing, fruit or vegetable.

Moreover, according to him, this is the first time that a snake had ever swollen 11 onions. Earlier in April, in another shocking incident, a cobra was seen vomiting seven eggs that it had swallowed in Kerala.

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