Charging ahead with its vegan push, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals better known as PETA has come up with a shock tactic to grab eyeball so gross that it immediately underwent a baptism of fire on the social media. PETA is known to use sexual content in its campaign to push for vegetarianism but this time the animal’s right organisation has crossed the thin line between humour and outright vulgarity.

PETA in its recent campaign suggested that by going vegan, men can increase their stamina, in other words, the sexual powers of men would increase. However, what’s striking is the way in which the idea is presented: men dancing with “Big” vegetables dangling from their crotch.

Recently, Gillette courted controvery with their new ad against the toxic masculinity in the #MeToo era where they tweaked their tagline from “The Best a man can get” to “Is this the best a man can get?” giving a call to mankind to improve with the obvious overtone of being cleanly shaven for the same.

The PETA ad builds on the same tone, however, it says “Traditional masculinity is dead” asserting that vegetables will herald the new masculinity, literally meaning that it will increase men’s sexual prowess.

Worth mentioning is that PETA had posted this video in 2012 and even then it met with widespread online ridicule. Now, they have reposted the ad and again it’s meeting the same fate, quite justifiably so.

PETA had earlier taken Twitter by storm when it posted Pamela Anderson donning leaves instead of a bikini to cover her body parts. PETA founder Ingrid Nwekirk is well known to equate animals to humans but equating vegetables to human genitals is above comprehension and reprehensible.

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