This photo of a Russian model hanging off the top of a skyscraper with zero safety equipment will make your stomach churn.

After seeing the picture, you might scream or your heart might skip a beat, but you would surely commend the Instagram model for her fearless photo shoot.

Viki Odintcova last year shared a picture of hers dangling from the top of a Dubai skyscraper and that too without any harness or protective gear. The picture got viral with more than 99,000 likes on Instagram.

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The 22-year-old model wrote: “I still can’t believe I did it. Every time I watch the video my palms go sweaty.”

The anxiety-inducing photo of the model shows her hanging off the 1,000 feet tall Canyon Tower in Dubai and her only support is the filmmaker Alexander Tikhomirov, whose hand she is seen holding very tightly as she leans out from the building backwards.

While some applauded the model for her courageous photo shoot, many were of the view that it was utterly foolish on the model’s part to risk her life.

One of the followers of Viki Odintcova wrote on Instagram: “YOU’RE STUPID!!! Risking your life???”

Here are some of the reactions:

“How can you disregard your life like that?” another Instagrammer wrote. “If I was your parent I would smack both you and the guy with the beard!”

“A very bad example for the youth.”

“This is so dumb, i have no words for it. Seems like some 11 year olds want to get attention at all costs.”

“crazy! looks like god gave you beauty, but seems like he forgot to grace you with a brain”