The feeling of buying a new car is full of excitement, especially for those who are automobiles fanatic. In a sad incident, an Australian man’s joyful ride on his brand new flamboyant car was cut short abruptly when he was reportedly pulled over for more than 1 traffic violation. The incident took place on Saturday, March 11, when the highway patrol officers spotted the driver of this brand new Porsche Cayenne filming himself while driving along Albert Park’s Aughtie Drive in Melbourne.

After a while, the errant driver was allegedly found to be driving the new car at 100 km per hour in a zone where top speed must be within 40 km per hour. When cops pulled over the driver, he informed them that he had bought the new luxurious car just 10 minutes earlier. Unfortunately, the new Porsche car was seized for 30 days, according to, Victoria police.

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Victoria police shamed the impulsive driver on Twitter where many other joined him and lampooned the errant driver. One user wrote on Twitter,  “No escape from reality. Easy come easy go.” The 37-year-old defaulter from Yallambie in Melbourne is expected to be charged with speeding and using a mobile phone while driving, the police said.

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