Happiness is free and when it comes to memes and videos you get loads of funny videos all around on the social media, from Paraglading video to Chai Pilo, the internet has been flooded with all such type of videos which makes you laugh till your belly hurts. This time another video of Sridevi and Amrish Puri from the film Nagina went viral.

The video has been dubbed on the song Psycho Saiyaan which is very much popular nowadays and with that, a creative netizen got an idea to dub the video with the song. Till now the video has garnered more than a million views and the comment section is flooded with hilarious comments.

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A netizen wrote Sri Devi and Amrish Puri must be watching from heaven, while others wrote: the best part of the song is when Amrish blows the flute (been). No doubt the video is one of a kind and made millions of people happy all around the world.

Social media is a platform where a common man becomes overnight star and some get the opportunity to debut in Bollywood, with that it also showcases the talent of the people all around the world. This time the credit for the video goes to the editor who edited this song which showcases the creativity level present in India.

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