Ahead of International Women’s day, India’s skydiving queen, 37-year-old Shital Mahajan Rane from Maharashtra achieved another feat when she skydived wearing a traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree in Thailand. With an aim to mark her tribute to all the women around the globe differently, she decided on wearing the Maharashtrian Nauvari saree for the skydive. Thanking the weather conditions, Shital Mahajan said the favourable weather was also a reason that she was able to skydive twice from the aircraft at heights of around 13,000 above the world-famous tourist resort of Pattaya. She is known to be the first woman to have done her first ever parachute jump without undergoing any training over the Geographical North pole in minus 37 degree Celsius from 2400 ft and first accelerated free fall jump without any trials over the Antarctica – South pole from 11,600 feet, in minus 38 degree Celsius. 

The Padma Shri recipient and mother of two Shital Mahajan holds over two dozen national and international records. Recounting her experience, she admitted that she had to make a lot of extra preparations and precautions for draping the Nauvari saree to ensure that it didn’t come off her body as strong winds are always a challenge at that height. She was also concerned about safety gears and communication equipment. She also added that the Maharashtrian style of “Nav-wari sari” is probably the most difficult and toughest to manage for women.



A few days back, four girls started an adventurous expedition from Hyderabad to introduce Telangana to its neighbours. The women bikers are expected to complete the adventurous ride in about 50 days and their exciting journey will cover a distance of almost 17,000 km. A Pune cyclist Vedangi Kulkarni is set to embark on the most enthralling journey of his life in June 2018 when she will aim to set a world record by covering a staggering 29,000-km wile touching almost every continent in the world. 

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