In the city of Mumbai where drama is accepted but credit cards are declined, the Bollywood-driven lifestyle of the Mumbaikers has been inspired by many action movies with extremely cringe-worthy scenes. You might’ve watched plenty of action Bollywood movies where one thing has been ascertained that none of the action movies are complete until or unless there is a train scene where the good guy is chasing the bad or vice versa. Taking notes from these evergreen scenarios, things escalated from reel time to real-time (in no time) when an electric train took the leap of faith by ditching the driver and covered 13 km from Wadi station in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Yes, we know; the first question that comes to your mind is where was the driver after all when the train activated its ‘auto-pilot’ feature out of nowhere. In the driver’s defence, we would like to inform that he wasn’t far from his ride as the protagonist driver was chasing the train on his motorbike! The action-packed scenario was extended for quite some time as the railway staffer eventually had to chase the train on his motorbike for several kilometres.

It all began around 3PM on Wednesday when the Chennai-Mumbai train reached Wadi junction. The Chennai-bound train that had an electric engine was supposed to be replaced with a diesel one because the route from Wadi to Solapur is not electrified (for real).

It was all a ‘slip up’ as the electric engine dispatched on its own when the pilot stepped out of the cockpit. The bewildered pilot then informed the next stations along the route in order to clear signals and tracks when he came to his senses. Railway authorities also stopped trains approaching from the opposite direction to prevent anything more blockbuster from taking place. Although it sounds hilarious, it was indeed more than a wakeup call for the Railway authorities after a driver-less train engine covered 13kms from Wadi station in Maharashtra. 

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