In past, we have seen several reports of robbery attempts which were either instantly foiled or didn’t end up the way robbers had expected, thanks to karma. However, one thing which was very clear was that there is a thin line between being smart and being stupid. In a recent matter being reported from Tamil Nadu, a video has gone viral on the social media that highlights a humorous attempt at robbery by a man in Kanyakumari’s Colachel area. In case if you are wondering that what was humorous about being robbed? Well, the thief used a transparent plastic bag to hide his face from getting caught.

The following matter was highlighted after a thief tried to rob a mobile phone store in Kanyakumari. All his ‘hard’ efforts in making sure that cops fail in recognising his face actually worked in their favour as the accused was nabbed just a few hours after he committed the crime. Well apart from shaming his parents, the robber also brought some bad name to the robber’s community with such a foolish planning. According to a report in Puthiya Thalaimurai TV channel, the following robbery took place at night time in Kanyakumari area of Tamil Nadu.

The hilarious matter surfaced after the CCTV footage was accessed by the new channel and was later shared on YouTube. In the video, the thief’s face — which he thought was covered — was clearly visible, thanks to the clear plastic bag. Reports suggest that the careless and ignorant thief also exposed his tattoo on the left arm to the cameras placed outside the shop.  The matter reportedly took place on March 14. The matter was reported after the owner of the shop found that he was robbed off Rs 1 lakh. We have added the CCTV footage below, in case you want to learn some lessons on how not to rob a place.

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