The stylish spider: Spiders have garnered a bad rap due to their unappealing appearance. Contrary to popular belief, most household spiders are harmless, with many people even keeping the creepy crawlies as pets. Taking the first step to showcase the beauty of these creatures is a newly discovered species of Australian jumping spider which has been named after the late Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

The species was discovered by arachnologist Danilo Harms along with his team who noticed that the newfound species bears an uncanny resemblance to the late fashion designer. One of the spiders apparently reminded Harms and his team of Lagerfeld after which the species was officially named Jotus Karllagerfeldi. 

Owing to the spider’s black and white appearance, similar to Lagerfeld’s iconic look, the scientists at the Centre for Natural History at the University of Hamburg decided to name the species so.

Harms, talking about the spider, stated that the animal reminded them of the designer’s reduced style. He went on to compare the spider’s black leg links to Lagerfeld’s characteristic gloves. The tiny spider is a mere 5 mm in size and sports a black and white colour scheme.

The new species was one among five that were discovered in Queensland, Australia. Barbara Baehr of the research team revealed that most species of Australian jumping spiders remain unclassified, sporting bright red and blue colours. Jotus Karllagerfeldi seems to be an exception to this, with a purely black and white colour scheme. The jumping spiders do not spin webs and hunt for prey in the open plains. 



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