Comedy films featuring negative roles in funny ways are always a delight to watch when actors in negative roles try to make the audience laugh with their onscreen stupidity and weird ways to commit their witty acts. In what can be said as a ‘compliment’ to these, a failed case of robbery has surfaced from Shanghai city in China when two burglars tried to enter a building by breaking into a glass door but it resulted into a learning lesson for them and a funny memory for China police.

The incident came to light after a video of the failed robbery went viral on social media. The CCTV footage shows two masked burglars trying to enter a building by breaking into a glass door. While doing so, one of the masked men successfully hits the target using a brick but the second men play the spoilsport. Taking an aim to break the glass door, the man ends up hurting his own partner by hitting him, leaving him injured on the ground. Realising his stupidity, the second men rush towards his unconscious partner and try to escape from the scene.

Giving their initial reaction on this failed robbery attempt, Shanghai Police while making fun of two burglars said that if thieves are at this level, the police will not have to work overtime. The CCTV footage video showing this failed robbery act was uploaded in video sharing site YouTube by a channel called ‘What’s on Weibo’. It says Shanghai police has released footage of the dumbest burglars ever who tried to enter a building last night. The incident will seriously remind viewers of all those funny movies in which villains are shown dumb and stupid. 

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