The pre-election process everywhere across the world is almost same. Politicians belonging to different political parties come out from their houses and make new promises to the masses in order to garner more votes and support of the people. Now, this piece is not at all about the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections but the general elections which will be taking place in Pakistan. While we all have witnessed, Indian political leaders knocking at our doors and asking for votes, this Karachi politician went a step ahead and got a jaw-dropping photoshoot done that is currently setting the social media on fire.

Frustrated over faulty sewage systems and presence of garbage everywhere, this Pakistani politician went the AAP’s way and came up with a bizarre idea of garnering votes. The politician, Ayaz Memom Motiwala, is an independent candidate from Aam Admi Pakistan. Get the pun?

In order to invoke the sentiments of the people, he not only went into a gutter but was also seen eating food while being surrounded by garbage. If that was not enough, Motiwala donned Pakistani flag and got into a gutter and started drinking the sewage water.

The following campaign was launched by Motiwala to make people aware about the incapability of the ruling government in providing people with basic necessities. Well, we cannot say that if this bizarre campaign will help him win but this surely made netizens burst into laughter. 

Apart from sharing photographs, Motiwala also went LIVE on his Facebook account and claimed that he was the only hope of Karachi. Soon after the photographs went viral, Motiwala drew massive criticism from other leaders who termed it as drama and a publicity stunt.

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