On Valentine’s Day when the shops were flooded by couples and social media went under the weight of lovy-dovy posts, one thing which stood out and intrigued many was a luxury car which donned Rs 2000 currency notes and also a heart on its bonnet.

However, the car did catch the eyes of people but unfortunately its story was interpreted in ‘strange’ ways. While some termed it as a Valentine’s Day gift, some people were shocked to see this particular car wrap with Rs 2000 notes.

The rumour which went a long way was that it was some kind of a stunt from a desperate ‘lover’ who was trying to seek his love interest’s attention. We understand that most of you read and believed this news but sadly enough none of it turned out to be TRUE.

What actually happened was this. The car which was wrapped in Rs 2000 currency notes and was donning a heart on its bonnet was only a part of a ‘Promotional Activity’ by the car rental company, ZoomCar.

It was done as part of a V-Day competition and the company wanted people to spot this ‘Love Zap’ car and click a selfie with it. People spotting the car were asked to click a selfie and post it on social media using the respective hashtag as a part of the competition.

As a part of promotional activity, the car was showcased in three other cities apart from the national capital — Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The competition prize was that the winner would be awarded with a 12-hour free ride in a luxury vehicle, either an Audi or a Mercedes Benz.

All the details mentioned above were available on the ‘ZoomCar’ website.