Ram Kisan Yadav, more commonly known as Baba Ramdev or Swami Ramdev usually makes the headlines for his Yog and sometimes political statements as well. This time, Baba Ramdev was trending on social media for something different. The Yog guru fell off an elephant in Mathura while performing an asana, the incident got recorded and is going viral on social media.

This incident led to the eruption of jokes and memes on Twitter. Baba Ramdev on Monday was in Mathura at Guru Sharanan’s ashram Ramanarati and was teaching certain yog asanas to the saints. While performing an asana, the yog guru was sitting on the top of an elephant and he suddenly slipped off.

While Swamy Ramdev was trying to take his position, the elephant started moving which caused disturbance and disbalance, resulting in Baba Ramdev falling on the ground. However, the yog guru stood up immediately on his own and started laughing.

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Baba Ramdev is an Indian yog guru who is known for his work and contribution in the fields of Ayurveda, Yog and Agriculture. He is usually seen performing yoga on television and promoting Ayurveda. He started a company dedicated to Ayurveda called the Patanjali Ayurveda, located in Delhi, Haridwar and parts of Uttarakhand.

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