Uganda kids sing Balle Balle Tor Punjaban Di: Have you ever seen a group of munchkins humming together in the most cutest way? if not, then watch this video, in which Uganda kids sang a Punjabi folk song Balle Balle Tor Punjaban Di, taught by a Pakistani havaldar who was deployed in Uganda as the education NCO (Havaldar) under Peace Keeping mission.

The video will make you go tee hee!! because these Uganda kids sang Balle Balle Tor Punjaban Di in a chorus with perfect pronunciation and to the point notes, though its a tough song for anyone who sings it for the first time but these Uganda kids nails it in the video. 

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However, Pakistani Education NCO (Havaldar) who was deployed in Uganda under Peacekeeping mission found a unique way to keep peace and love between people, no doubt the havaldar did a commendable work because it’s tough to teach a different language song with such a clear pronunciation. Hats off to the Uganda kids and their master.

Though it is a unique technique to spread the message that culture unites us not dived us. With this Pakistani Havaldar aims to strengthen legitimacy. As the video was posted it garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of shares, netizens went crazy and applauded the great work of Pakistani havaldar. Peacekeeping mission in Uganda was added up in the United Nations Peace-Keeping list, by maintaining in the form of staff officers, police, prison officers and civilian experts. 

Some Twitterati wrote this is so cute while, some said, beautiful

Here’s the tweet

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