We all love burgers, don’t we? How about one from the Burger King? It’s certainly one of the hottest and most trusted brands when it comes to affordable and tasty burgers but after reading this story you might not be very keen on trying one of the outlets. A Brazil man was disgusted to death when he encountered live maggots wriggling inside his burger that he ordered at one of the Burger King stores near his home. Horrified and scared, he took to Facebook to share a video of the meal and the bill that he got from the store.

The shocking video shows maggots, which are clearly unsafe for one’s stomach splurging out of the patty inserted between the buns. Maggots are a soft-bodied legless larva of a fly or other insect, found in decaying matter. The video posted by the customer also shows another burger with insects inside but unfortunately both he and his friends who would have thought to have a hearty meal were left throwing back. The burgers clearly looked stale and unhealthy. The video has gone viral on social media and has been shared over 30,000 times already since being posted on Tuesday.

Most of the users are calling the footage disgusting and sickening labelling it as a fault on Burger Kings’s part who have not maintained the food safety standards in their store. It is not clear whether the user has already filed a case against the fast food giants. Here’s the sickening footage:

Posted by Edmagno Silva Maguinho on Monday, 29 January 2018

This is not the first time a burger chain is under the scanner for such horrific blunder with burgers. The ever-popular McDonald was sued by an Australian woman who found live maggots in a cheeseburger that she ordered from a store. She had taken her son for a treat to Mcdonalds where she ordered Happy Meal from a store in Maryborough, north of Brisbane. But to her utter dismay, she noticed live maggots crawling inside the burger after her kid took the first bite.

“I’ve just bought a cheeseburger happy meal for my three-year-old and low and behold there are live maggots on and in the meat patty. Shocked by seeing the insects alive, I’m absolutely disgusted. How this can happen baffles me,” the mom wrote on Facebook.

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