In a shocking video, the atmosphere in an Indian marriage turned ugly after the bride slapped a relative who picked her up during the varmala ceremony. In the video, which has not gone viral on social media, the bride can be clearly seen slapping the man in front of all the relatives after the varmala proceedings. The varmala ceremony is one of the key ceremony in a Hindu marriage where both the groom and bride put garlands in each other’s neck turn by turn. The varmala ceremony is performed to tie the knot and it officially declares that the couple is now married. The ceremony is also one of the most important moments of a Hindu marriage which often displayed on live screens put out in marriage functions.

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However, in this particular varmala ceremony, events took an ugly turn when the bride slapped a relative for lifting her up so that she could put the garland onto groom’s neck. The video shows both bride and groom are picked by two relatives, first the groom is picked to a certain hight, a few seconds later when the bride is not able to put the garland, another relative comes and picks up the bride. However, when the man puts bride down, she puts the garland in groom’s neck, turns around and gives a tight slap to the relative. She slapped the relative in full public view, following which everyone gets stunned and shocked. The bride alleged that the relative touched her inappropriately.

The man (relative) who was slapped by the bride in front of other family members, relatives, feel embarrassed and shocked. Another woman who was present at the stage when this incident happened, asks something to the man who got slapped by the bride and she herself is slapped by the same man, who after doing scene leaves from the place.

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