In a shocking incident, a religious leader is seen slapping a child during a Baptism ceremony. The child was continuously crying out loud when the ceremony was taking place and soon the aged churchman, who got irritated by the child’s cry, slapped it quite hard.

Seeing the churchman slap their child, the father became outrageous and snatched the child away from the churchman. Meanwhile, this whole ceremony incident was being filmed by someone for which the incident came to light. 

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It is yet unknown who filmed the incident, however, the video has gone viral on social media. The ceremony was going on in a church and the people used the French language to speak. The video features a woman wearing a red dress who seemed to be the child’s mother.

The woman in red is seen holding the child during the ceremony, while another woman in a blue coloured dress is seen standing behind her. It is very clear from the video that the child was not liking the whole process and it started crying out loudly.

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Everything was normal until the churchman slapped the child. The parents of the child are seen smiling and enjoying the process, however, as the child kept on screaming, the churchman got annoyed and hit the child on its face.

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