In a shocking incident, three speculated to be lap dancers who created a ruckus in an easyJet flight bound to Tenerife had to be pulled apart by cabin crew after they launched into a fight while in a drunken state. According to reports on some news websites, the three boozy women started fighting with one another in such a way that one among them were left with a bloody face. Meanwhile, the passengers onbord the flight that was flying at 30,000ft above the ground was frightened seeing their dangerous fight.

Moreover, as per reports, 50-year-old firm boss Angie Dilloway, whose daughter Bella, ten, is heard screaming in footage of the fight said that the staff had seized their booze however they got it back later. Angie, further said that the situation was not expected by anyone on the flight. No one thought that such kind of fight will take place inside a moving airplane. She also revealed that the three women were friends and were cuddling one minute and then getting louder and drinking Grey Goose vodka the next.

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Reports say that they started arguing and they were swearing using the slangs like the f word and the c word. While the other passengers on the flight started complaining when the stewardess had to take the bottle of vodka away from the boozy ladies. Meanwhile, the airline has released a statement which read, “easyJet can confirm that flight EZY8709 from London Gatwick to Tenerife South on 13 April was met by police on arrival in Tenerife South due to passengers on board behaving in a disruptive manner. The passengers were escorted away by police.”

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