How often one gets to witness a sight of cobra’s head stuck in an aluminium can, next to never, we suppose. Ending that league a cobra got its head stuck in an aluminium can left on the streets of Bengaluru. After continuous efforts, when the reptile failed to get out, the locals present at the scene called in for help after which the cobra was set free. The incident was reported from Udayanagar Dantaramakki of Chikkamagaluru district on Wednesday.

Commenting on the matter, Naresh Kumar (who rescued the cobra) said that the snake was at least 4-feet long. Naresh, who is said to have rescued over 20,000 snakes, said that it was his first time that he rescued a snake with its head stuck in aluminium can. While speaking to Bangalore Mirror, Naresh said, “Till date, I have rescued over 20,000 snakes and this is for the first time, I saw a snake trapped like this. Its head was stuck inside the beer can. The biggest challenge was to rescue the cobra without hurting it. The snake was at least four feet long and after tactfully cutting the beer can, we managed to save it.”

Watch the video here:

Earlier on Sunday, a 3-year-old leopard was beaten to death in a village near Davanagere district of Karnataka. The wild animal was ruthlessly attacked by the villagers after it strayed in a greenhouse of chilli plants in search of food and water.

The incidents of animals getting stuck in the boxes, cans etc have been on the rise. Even after Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off ‘Swachch Bharat’ campaign — to free the nation from diseases that gripped its people because of the presence of garbage and dirt — people just doesn’t seem to be falling in line.