A video of a cobra coiled around Lord Shiva’s neck in Telangana Karimnagar district is doing rounds on social media, and WhatsApp groups. There are many myths and legends regarding cobra around Lord Shiva’s neck and this video has prompted people into believing it as a sign of the deity as it has also occurred in the month of Sharavan.

The month of Shravan of the Hindu calendar is considered auspicious in which devotees pray to Lord Shiva and this video of a cobra atop the statue of Lord Shiva has stoked a social media storm.

It’s said that when Lord Shiva drank poison from the samudra manthan (the churning of the ocean), Goddess Parvati caught hold of the Lord’s neck so as to prevent the poison from spreading to his body. Later, when she had to let go of his neck, she coiled a cobra, named Vasuki, around Shiva’s neck.

However, according to mythologies, there is another reason for the cobra around Lord Shiva’s neck, this pertains to the fact Shiva is regarded as ‘Pashupatinath’ or the lord of all creatures in the world. Therefore, the snake represents all the animals and living beings that Bholenath looks after.

According to another mythical narrative, once the species of snakes were in danger of extinction and thus approached Lord Shiva. Lord gave them shelter but due to cold weather, the snakes would stick close to his body to stay warm. In order to protect them, the Lord started wearing the snake on his neck to provide warmth to them.

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