An elephant with a young calf raided a house in Periyanaickenpalayam area of Coimbatore on Thursday in search of food. Their ordeal to search food was recorded on the CCTV camera installed in the premises. The duo can be seen loitering around in the courtyard of the house. The elephant first enters the house and is then joined by the baby elephant. They then head to the shed looking for food but leave the house in disappointment as they were unable to get any food.

There was no damage reported after the giant animals raided the house. However, other such instances of elephant and man encounter have not been so pleasing. In June this year, four people including a 12-year old girl and two women were killed by an elephant in Vellalore area of Coimbatore. The wild elephant has gone on a rampage killing all these people. The elephant attacked these people while they were sleeping in the front yard of their house.

At least 70% elephants do not have a viable habitat. As a result, they often come face-to-face with humans. Around 100 humans are killed every year in India. In many instances a lot of elephants have also died. Recently a picture titled, “hell is here” by Biplab Hazra won the wildlife photographer of the year award. In the photo an adult elephant and its calf can be seen desperately fleeing from a mob after being set on fire. The photo has also won a major photographic prize.   

The incident took place after people tossed flaming tar balls and crackers at them in a bid to scare them away from human settlements.