In of its kind Indian wedding, the bride and the groom stunt everyone when they arrived in their own marriage flying on an eagle. A never before seen entry in a marriage, a couple seems to be the first one in the world who would have attempted such an entry to their marriage when they arrived flying over the guest in the lawns of their marriage function. Indian marriages are considered too extravagant events and have also become a showbiz and display of one’s wealth but this particular stunt seems to surpass any fancy Indian marriages in the past.

A Twitter user shared the video from the marriage showing how the couple made the entry in their marriage by flying on an eagle, of course not a real bird. The user tweeted the video saying, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the groom and bride. Indian weddings are getting out of hand.” The video shows the couple standing on a small platform tied to a giant artificial eagle which was being flown by a big crane holding the eagle with the couple through long cables.

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The couple makes the entry in the marriage with song Baharo Phool Barsaao playing in the background as the crane takes them into the marriage, surpassing over the guests and safely placing them on the ground. It was certainly one of its kind attempt by any couple in the past to make the best and most of one of their life changing day in their life.

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