A video of a mother chasing her daughters after catching them twerking is breaking the internet. The video has been widely circulated on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook and the people are responding quite hilariously on the social media sites.

The 16-second video starts with the girls showing their moves, twerking effortlessly, and one might argue, like professionals but what happens next is more interesting. They get caught! and it’s none other than their own mother. The mum, without wasting a second, removes her slipper and smacks the 2 girls. She chases them to give them some more of it but the girls are smart enough to run away.

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According to reports, the 2 girls are believed to be of Spanish descent and the older woman seen in the video is their mother. The expression on the mother’s face after catching her daughters twerking is something not to be missed.

The video has already got more than 18k views in less than 24 hours. People are loving the video with some appreciating the mother for smacking the daughters. One netizen wrote, “Straight for the kill! Good job mom! while the other wrote, LOL…mother gave them treatment inspired from real life.

The source who uploaded the video is not clear, many are wondering if it’s the daughters themselves that have shared this video.

Previously, a video of Indian bride smacking a relative during varmala ceremony got viral all over the social media. Once the bride and groom are done by putting the garlands in each other’s neck, the bride turned around and gave a tight slap to the relative who picked her up during the ceremony.


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