The world is full of undignified, shameful acts against women with some also try continuously crossing the line and breaching privacy to satisfy their malicious intent. Time and again people have come up and taken a stand against such elements of the society. Well in another shocking incident, a Russian student in an attempt to protest against ‘upskirting’ (taking pictures or photographing under a woman’s skirt in public places) shot a video of herself raising her skirt and flashing her underpants. In a lone protest, the Russian student, who is said to be a self-styled activist, took it to crowded St. Petersburg subway and pulled up her skirt flashing her essentials at the busy and crowded subway.

This sudden act by a Russian student at the busy St. Petersburg subway was taken as a surprise by the travellers crossing by. In the video shot by the lone protester against ‘upskirting’, one can see that the student is standing at the centre of the platform and raising her skirt displaying her essentials while people who are passing by seems to be confused, amazed or shocked by the act of the young girl.

The Russian student shared her post on video-sharing site YouTube titled ‘What’s under my skirt?’ saying, “Now you will see a video that is my video-manifesto. With his help, I want to draw the most attention to a serious problem, which in our society is usually kept quiet. I believe that in the modern world it should already be actively discussed. I do not have the authority to pass a law that can completely solve it. But I am able to draw your attention to this problem, which is an element of an even larger and shameful phenomenon: disrespect for a woman. Friends helped me to take the video, sharing my views. We are sure that the form an idea that we have chosen will make it possible to convey our message to the maximum number of spectators.”

Watch Russian student raises her skirt to protest against ‘upskirting’ laws in Russia

According to a local news report, the Russian student protesting against upskirting has demanded that such a shameful practice should be criminalised in Russia. In Australia, there is a two-year jail term punishment for those who are found guilty filming peoples’ private parts without their knowledge or consent. However, the lone-protester did not receive the response she was expecting for. It was a mixed reaction from the audience as many viewers slammed the activist for taking such a way to convey her thoughts.  

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