Traditional desi items seem to be a hit craze among foreigners and the latest to join this bandwagon is the traditional Indian charpoy (khatiya). An Australian advertisement featuring a charpoy made by using Maple timber with strong mortise and tenon joints has gone viral. The advertisement from Australia has left Indian twitterarti amazed over the price at which this Indian khatiya is being sold at. The traditional Indian khatiya is being sold at a whopping $990 which goes up to over Rs 50,000. In the advertisement, the khatiya has been described as extremely comfortable.

Indian ad film director Prahlad Kakkar while reacting after knowing that a traditional Indian khatiya is being sold in Australia in $990, said, “The khatiya has become extinct in India because of its diminishing use in the country … one would not get a good charpoy in Indian for the love of money. Therefore, if somebody with a good marketing brain has turnaround and given it some health benefits, its because the khatiya is extremely good for you in terms of your back especially if one has a bad back.”

Renowned image guru Dilip Cherian also reacted on this issue and said, “The exotic is always very attractive and when it is sold as a concept which comes from India than it has an added value … anyone who is willing to spend $990 would expect that it will last for long. So I guess if you combine the concept of an Indian khatiya which has a whole range of features with great workmanship, then it becomes a product that will attract people.”

Charpay or charpai is well known in India due to natural health benefits associated with it. This traditional Indian daybed has a net like appearance which is made out of cotton, jute ropes or natural fibres or even date leaves. Once an existing item in every household, with time and the availability of other modern beds, the use of charpoy has now diminished to rural area and villages in the country. Knowing after the Indian traditional daybed is being sold at a whopping $990, which is above Rs 50,000, this is how people on reacted on Twitter: