Can you imagine spending a day without WhatsApp? Well, it became a reality for some netizens as the instant messaging App crashed for some time on Friday morning. WhatsApp users went berserk as they were unable to send or receive messages. WhatsApp application didn’t initially look broken but, as the user opens a chat, the applications showed ‘connecting’. Even though the glitch was solved shortly, Twitter as usual couldn’t resist taking a jibe at the situation. Here are some reactions which definitely hit the right note on the sarcasm meter.

#WhatsAppDown : Some may even resort to desperate measure of picking up the phone and calling.

Two minutes silence for those :-
1. who uninstalled WhatsApp and installed it again
2. Restart phone again and again. #WhatsAppDown

First we used to check neighborhood from balcony to see if light has gone for everyone else too,Now we check twitter to see if #WhatsAppDown

Great Revenge #WhatsappDown



On a positive note, we are spared from the family group discussions and fake news and videos sent on the group #WhatsAppdown


People are reacting on whatsapp down as if its a major problem like global warming ;))

@TrolluKejri tweets : #WhatsAppDown Is A Complete Failure Of Modi’s Digital India Campaign. PM Modi Must Resign.

The reason for #WhatsAppDown could be the same engineer working on whatsapp who deleted donald trump twitter account.


Many people have died due to #WhatsAppDown because they can’t forward the chain message to their 10 friends!

Saare mausa chacha tai tau’s might have lost their cool. Kaise bhejoge ab phool pattiyo wale photo with Goodmorning/afternoon #WhatsAppDown