Thugs of Hindostan which is Bollywood’s upcoming film starring Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan is trending on social media ever since its trailer launched on Thursday. However, for all those who believe that the word Thug is a negative word, a video is going viral on YouTube and social media which talks about a brief history of how the meaning of Thug became a negative.

The video which talks about the word Thug, first gives out a brief history of how Aboriginals who were the inhabitants of Austalia looked like. The video informs that the population of the aboriginals were much larger than the European migrants in Australia. But when European migrants reached to their continent, they did mass murder and today they just form 3% of the Australian population lacking even basic civil rights. 

In 1492 native Americans population was 16 million and European population was 40 million, when Columbus discovered America at that time the Europeans took full advantage of their hospitality of the native Americans and in return they used to give malaria infected blankets and this was just one of the several ways thruoug which Europeans indulged in mass murder of native Americans.

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Now poeple must be wondering how native american and aborginals are related to the Thugs of Hindostan. Well Thugs of Hindostan were not thieves, robbers or criminals, but it was a tribe in India who used to worship Goddess Kali and used to live in a jungle.

But when British Imperialists wanted to occupy Indian lands, they wanted to destroy the jungles of the thugs, therefore the thugs tried to resist them.

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To counter the resistance, the Britishers tried to project a bad image of Thugs through literature which they named as atrocities literature and among those books, once such book name was ‘Confessions of a Thug’ by Philip Meadows Taylor which was written in 1839 and sadly till the date it is being used as a historical reference.

Not only this, in 1871, the British Parliament had passed a law called Criminal Tribes Act which made it lawful to perform mass murder of a list of Indian tribes who were labelled as criminals and just like those several people belonging to such tribes, were also mass murdered , who were resisting against the British destruction.

Moreover, in order to justify this genocide, British government funded scholars so that they can write books to defame Thugs just like the native Americans and aboriginals were defamed and it was like this the meaning of Thug became negative — A violent person or a criminal.

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