Mihir Jain, a 14-year-old boy in Delhi’s Uttar Nagar weighing 237kg underwent a weight reduction surgery in Max hospital Saket a few months ago, reported India.com. The average Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person is supposed to be 22.5 kg/m2. According to doctors, a BMI of 32.5, is considered to be fat and in case of 40 and above the person is considered to be excessively obese. The teenage boy who was operated had a BMI of 92. Mihir is the world’s heaviest teen to have undergone a gastric bypass surgery, said a veteran bariatric surgeon at Max hospital, Dr Pradeep Chowbey, who conducted the surgery.

Mihir reported said that I always stayed in the house lying down and sitting and he happily claimed that “Pasta is my favourite food. Pizza is the second favourite.”Due to his obesity, the family members first sought medical help in 2013 but doctors at that time had refused to perform any surgery as Mihir was too young.

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According to Dr Chowbey, performing surgery on Mihir wasn’t an easy task because giving anaesthesia to an obese person is quite challenging as the fat present in tongue, throat, and neck stops the space necessary to insert a tube into the lungs of the person.

Mihir’s operation lasted for 2 hours because the doctors had to re-route his digestive system so that the teen eats less and his hunger is satisfied. The crisis has taught the patient’s mother about the significance of being fit. 

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