A Nepal-based man knows how to lick his own forehead: How many of you actually have the ability to lick your own nose? Even if you do, does your tongue reach a few inches higher so that you can lick your own forehand? No right? But this man has the ability to this weird task. In a bewildering video, which has gone viral on social media a man reportedly named Yagya Bahadur Katuwal, who hails from Urlabari area of Nepal, is seen licking his own forehead.

His weirdly unique ability was first witnessed by people of his town, Urlabari. Following which, his videos, photos have created a lot of buzz on the Internet and he seemingly has become a celebrity in his hometown. In the video, Katuwal was seen licking his own forehead very coolly by his long tongue. The video, which has garnered 94,166 views on YouTube, has been titled as, “The man who can lick his own forehead. Longest tongue in the world.”

Katuwal himself believes that he has the world’s longest tongue and is the only person who has the ability to lick his own forehead.

He reportedly said that he can cover his nose with his lips and lick his forehead and make a sound of a bullet bike. He further added that if given a chance he can use his weird ability in horror films.

He now awaits his name in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the longest tongue. According to the Book, currently, the man who has the longest tongue is Nick Stoeberl, who has a 10.1 cm long tongue.

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