Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb exposed that Internet was invented by India years ago and was used during Mahabharata. Tripura CM convincingly said, “How could Sanjaya (the charioteer of King Dhritarashtra) give a detailed account and description to the blind king about the battle of Kurukshetra?” Internet user took it a step ahead saying people used websites and social media platforms during that time also. His statement got viral and people Laugh out Loud on Tripura CM through memes, post and jokes that are trending on the Internet.

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Proofs gathered by social media users to prove that Internet was used at the time of Mahabharata:  

Online shopping sites: Women love to shop online but something went wrong with queen Gandhari who ordered a husband from a nearby store but it was a defective piece as Dhritarashtra was blind by birth. Even the 2nd time she failed when she ordered Kids and accidentally received 100 children.  

Fake ID: The idea of using fake identities is not new and Shikhandi was known as the Angle Priya of that time who dumped Bhishma Pitamah. So Bhishma Pitahmah transformed into the person who doesn’t accept the friend request from women.

Online Tutor: Dronacharya was the online tutor who taught Archery and other fighting skills to Kshatriya students but Eklavya used the pirated version and scored more than other students.

Cambridge Analytics: Sanjay who was a close aide to King Dhritarashtra leaked the data of war between Kauravas and Pandavas.     

Online Trolling: Duryodhan was the first person who got trolled by Draupadi in Mahabharata.

Bhim App: The application launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was totally a copy paste idea to Bhim of Mahabharata who can do the hard task within seconds.

Captcha: Yaksha the man who tested the patients by his questions reflects the Captcha perfectly.