After the whole nation was going berserk over the viral video which showed unpleasant demeanour of the Indigo ground staff manhandling a passenger, Twitterati latched on the opportunity in stream rolling the airlines with a trove of memes splashing over the internet. In between the trolling action, there was one messiah, who shined above all as he took the responsibility in upbringing the jolt of laughter by giving back to the cruel airlines. Adding fuel to the fire the user began with a query where he asked the infamous airlines on seeking help for a Mumbai Delhi flight that will touch down the next day.

On social media site Twitter, the troller who is usernamed as @rohitchoube in his query wrote: “@IndiGo6E I need help for tomorrow’s mumbai delhi flight…Can somebody please respond..”. As expected the airlines who has became the hub of all controversies lately gave his tweet a miss by not generating a response. The patient troller then set another trap and tweeted another query seeking help. “@IndiGo6E … Can you please respond ? ” the user asked for the second time. The airlines finally responded and made their own bed as their nodding tweet paved way for an epic southpaw of uttermost of trolling. 

The user dropped the bomb where he trolled the airlines abysmally over their recent spat with a passenger who was involved in brawl with the IndiGo staff last month. “My boss is travelling by 15.00 pm flight to Delhi .. ‘ जैसे ही वो उतरे, कूट देना साले को । ‘ thanks :)#thokoindigo,” he tweeted. Twisting the knife, the user also tried trending the hashtag #ThokoIndiGo which comprehensibly acknowledge by other Twitter users. The tweet became a major hit among the social media frenzy people and also showed gratitude in return. “Hi Rohit, you are ruling the WhatsApp today, Bro! ???,” one user wrote while appreciating the tweet. 


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