Your pet needs its pleasures too! Now, sex toys for pooches hit stores

If your pet dog shows signs of restless or tries to hump on your neighbour’s pooch on a stroll to the park, or the beach, then it’s time you pay more attention to your escort. Dogs are great companions but they may need their sexual pleasures too! They may get real lonely sometimes in the limited confines of your home, particularly if you are living in an urban concrete neighbourhood, where space is a luxury.

Keeping them in mind, a French design company called Feel Addicted has come up with an up-market sex doll exclusively for your pooch to fulfill its needs. Often due to their busy schedule, many pet lovers fail to notice it but your pooch may be craving for these little pleasures of life.

The company is marketing the product online as “Hot Doll” for dogs. The product, though, comes expensive, retailing at £162.21 plus £30 shipping charge. It is made of ultra-violet and heat-resistant materials. Hot Doll comes in white or dark grey, and includes a small tank at the back where liquids go.

According to the Feel Addicted website, the dog will be naturally drawn to the sex toy, but you would need to teach it the specific purpose so that it does not go back to the ways it may be used to. However, in an advisory the website said that dogs with health problems should not use the doll, but otherwise it will be suitable for any puppy.

Since its launch, bulk orders have already come from Los Angeles, Paris, Copacabana, and Tokyo, said the, and the product was even showcased in some exhibitions for pet accessories.



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