Internet sensation Mallika Dua faced a horrendous and harassing experience at the hands of an Uber driver in Mumbai on Sunday. Mallika, known for her extremely witty videos, took to social media platform Facebook to slam the multinational company and its services. On the Facebook post Mallika narrated how the Uber cab driver brought the car to a screeching halt and asked her to get out only because she asked him to increase the air conditioning in the car. She also slammed the company’s inadequate customer care in India. The misogyny did not stop there. The drive also abused Mallika verbally.

While narrating the incident Mallika said, “The cab driver Chetan brought the car to a screeching halt and asked me to get out of the car when I asked him to increase the air conditioning.”

According to Mallika the driver ended the trip and said, “Uttar gaadi se, Nahi badhaunga AC.” After this both of them got in a heated argument and the driver again abused her and took off in speed while she was still in the car.

When Mallika screamed at the driver and asked him to stop the driver asked her to get out again and started screaming bhen***d s*a*i madar **** out in the open.

Making the apathy public, Mallika said that she can afford a car with a driver in the city but what about those who cannot? She further added that the advertisements Uber presents on TV are very different from the ground reality. Mallika Dua’s post has earned a very strong support and people have strongly condemned the incident and slammed Uber for poor customer service. The post has more than 2600 comments and 3500 shares.

As per reports, the UBER account of the driver was barred after the incident came to UBER’s notice.