A dentist had a gruesome encounter with a mouth full of maggots while working on a patient. Maggots are insects usually found in rotting meat and shockingly, they can be seen floundering inside the patient’s mouth. In the 56-second-long video clip, the patient can be seen breathing heavily and crying in pain. The clip is suspected to be shot in India and the patient’s poor oral hygiene is clearly visible from her decaying yellow teeth, eroded and black gums. Such poor oral hygiene often leads to problems that can be seen in the video.

In the video, the doctor pulls apart the lips of the patient and the real state of the level of infection can be seen as maggots are swarming around in the patient’s gums. The condition of the patient surely seems severe as this particular infection can spread to the infected person’s ears, nose and ultimately the insects can reach the brain. The fatality rate in such extreme cases is more than 8%. Oral myiasis is a rare disease caused by larvae of certain dipteran flies.

Myiasis originates from the Latin word ‘myia’ meaning fly and ‘iasis’ means disease. When the tissues in the oral cavity are invaded by parasites, this is known as oral myiasis. Those at risk of the rare condition include those from poorer social backgrounds and people who have suffered wounds or another injury to the face. The disease is mostly reported in developing countries and in the tropics which have a warmer climate, hence the suspicion that the video is from India is gaining popularity on social media.

The 56 seconds long clip has got more than 643,728 shares on YouTube and is going viral on various social media platforms. However, the visuals in the video may not suitable for some audience and might make you throw up. Watch it at your own risk!