Oil on the boil: Diesel costlier than petrol in Delhi for the first time

24 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Diesel becomes costlier than petrol in Delhi, the price of diesel was increased by 48 paise per litre on Wednesday. While the prices of Diesel were hiked, that of petrol remained unchanged.

For the first time in Delhi, diesel has become costlier than petrol. The diesel prices have increased while the petrol prices remain unchanged in the national capital while the prices of diesel has also witnessed an upsurge in other cities like Kolkata,Mumbai and Chennai.

For the 18th day in a row, state-run oil companies on Wednesday raised prices of diesel. However, no increase was witnessed in petrol prices. While petrol costs Rs 79.76 per litre, diesel can be bought at Rs 79.88 per litre in the capital, petrol can be bought for Rs 81.45 in Kolkata as compared to Rs 75.06 cost of Diesel.

The rates are higher in Mumbai where petrol costs Rs 86.54 and Diesel Rs 78.22. The domestic prices of diesel and petrol are determined broadly by crude oil and forex rates thus vary state to state due to the value added tax. The price of diesel has been increased by 48 paise a litre. 

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Notably, oil marketing companies have been adjusting retail rates in line with costs after an 82-day break from rate revision amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. These firms on June 7 restarted revising prices in line with costs. 

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